KURA Recruitment 2024/2025 Job Vacancies Portal

Having wondered about applying for a job during KURA (Kenya Urban Roads Authority) Recruitment 2024, we have finally gathered all the necessary details about KURA Recruitment 2024 from KURA, and we will be sharing and explaining everything thoroughly in this guide.

Moreover, consider that the objective of this comprehensive guide is to relate to all the necessary information concerning KURA Recruitment 2024, including when Kura recruitment is commencing, job vacancies, the recruitment process, requirements, the portal, how to apply, recruitment deadline, and every other thing you need to know relating to KURA recruitment 2024.

So, having said that to this point, if you want to comprehend a detail about KURA recruitment 2024, it has to be on this page.

Overview of KURA Recruitment 2024

Kura (Kenya Urban Roads Authority) are responsible for constructing, upgrading, rehabilitating and maintaining roads in Kenya. You can see KURA as the authority of management and development of urban national roads in Kenya.

Prior to the above information, KURA conducts a recruitment exercise on an annual basis to select the best candidates depending on the roles they are applying for in KURA.

When is KURA Recruitment Starting?

The next KURA recruitment exercise is expected to be in August 2024. While this information might be true, KURA management has not published on its website the date of the next recruitment exercise.

However, roughly estimated from KURA’s past recruitment exercise dates, the exercise will be held in the third week of August 2024.

KURA Job Vacancies 2024/2025

Speaking of KURA job vacancies, there are a plethora of them with various requirements which you need to observe when you open the KURA recruitment 2024 portal.

Either way, we will be sharing the general requirements to get a KURA job. But before then, below are considered to be KURA job vacancies 2024/2025 :

  • Assistant Director.
  • Assistant Director, ICT (Business System).
  • Assistant Director (ITS & Modelling).
  • Assistant Director (Projects Audit).
  • Assistant ICT Officer.
  • Assistant Officer Administrators.
  • Deputy Director, HRM & Administrator.
  • Deputy Director (Engineering).
  • Deputy Director (Quality Assurance).
  • Drivers.
  • Engineer.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Officer.
  • Inspector (Roads).
  • IT Officers.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Officer.
  • Records Management Officer.
  • Senior Assistant Office Administrator.
  • Senior Assistant (GIS Officer).
  • Senior Land Surveyor.
  • Senior Records Management Officer.
  • Superintendent.
  • Superintendent Roads.

KURA Recruitment Process

KURA recruitment process is quite easy to comprehend, and of course, knowing the stages of the recruitment exercise is essential.

The process kicks off with an announcement of vacancy by KURA management. Thereafter, interested candidates will be invited to submit their applications through the management official portal. After a few weeks, submitted applications will be reviewed followed by shortlisting of successful applicants.

Then finally, a physical screening exercise is carried out which includes confirmation of applicants’ submitted documents, physical state, and other important details.

Additionally, it is important to stick to this recruitment process as one may be dropped for not following. Following the process also aids in growing your chances of being selected as an ideal candidate for a role in KURA.

Current jobs in Kenya you may also apply are:

Requirement/Educational Qualifications of KURA Recruitment 2024

Irrespective of the role one is applying for at KURA, 6 types of requirements are expected to be met including, educational, age, skills, professional certifications, experience, and other requirements.

1. Educational Requirements

The educational requirements are having all the essential academic certifications needed to be a KURA worker. This requirement includes having KSCE, HND, Bachelor’s degree, Diploma or a degree equivalent from a standard institution in Kenya or abroad.

In addition, educational requirements may differ depending on the role you are applying for. Well, it will be stated to the fullest in the portal.

2. Age Requirements

Without reaching a minimum of 18 years, one is not allowed to partake in this recruitment exercise. You must be +18 years old.

3. Skills/Competence

Skills are necessary to secure a role in Kura. Without the necessary skills, you might be dropped halfway. Below are the skills needed in this recruitment program:

  • Reporting skill.
  • Communication skill.
  • Analytical skill.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Planning skill.
  • And integrity.

4. Professional Certifications

This requirement is not mandatory. However, candidates with this requirement have the upper hand.

5. Working Experience

Working experience is an important requirement to secure a role in Kura. Depending on the role you are going for, a minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience is required.

6. Other Requirements

Submission of birth certification and agreement with Chapter 6 of the Kenya constitution are here.

KURA Job Vacancies Career Portal 2024

The official Kura Recruitment 2024 portal which you should use to log in and apply for Kenya Urban Roads Authority jobs is www.kura.go.ke.

How to Apply for KURA Jobs 2024

To successfully apply for Kura jobs, you need to follow the precise information detail below –

  • Start the process by visiting the career portal www.kura.go.ke.
  • Navigate to the job application page.
  • Choose the position you are applying for.
  • Read and understand the application instructions.
  • Download and fill out the application form.
  • Attach the requirement documents (virtual).
  • Confirm your details and click the submit button.

Alternatively, you can write an application letter, add your documents and send it to recruitment@kura.go.ke.

Closing Date for KURA Recruitment 2024

As of the time of writing this article, Kura management has not announced the deadline for the application. However, if the opening date happens to be in August, the deadline will be in September.

Facts to Note about KURA Job Application

Below are the facts you need to note about the KURA job application –

  • The Kura job application process is important to follow.
  • KURA management pays their workers in Ksh. 30k and above monthly and intern 5k to 7k.
  • You do not need money to get a role in KURA. It is considered a corrupt act if you pay to be enrolled in the recruitment exercise, and it may include prosecution.


KURA recruitment 2024 will start in the 3rd week of August 2024 if Kura management sticks to their usual annual calendar and closes in September. For now, you need to prepare all the requirements we have detailed thoroughly in this guide. The earlier you prepare, your chances of being recruited increase. 

Moreover, if any information concerning Kura is published by the management, we will inform you, so from time to time, always visit this page for more information.