Peo ya phetogo


Peo ya Phetogo (PYP) “the seed of change” is a non profit organization which seeks to empower Africans with digital and financial skills. Our programmes are designed to upskill youth, particularly unemployed young African women and men with digital skills needed in the 4th Industry as well as financial skills allowing them access employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. Partnering with research experts, we also provide research services on technology education impact in Africa. Don’t miss your chance to play on the site australia casino online. You will be satisfied!


Techy Teachers

This programme is tailored to upskill teachers with ICT skills allowing them to infuse a blend of technology platforms and innovative teaching approaches into their teaching plan. We also support teachers through a network that cultivates the maker culture allowing them to experiment with different types of technology to support their teaching. Through this programme we also run the Google CS4 High Schools support programme.

Future Tech

We have partnered with several schools across the country to provide afterschool lessons for young girls and young boys on using the Internet. The content of the classes is based on the MIT scratch, MIT open courseware and Mozilla foundation clubs. The classes are conducted by young information and computer science university student volunteers.

The virtual leadership club

Through our online platform, we provide virtual leadership sessions for young children to gain knowledge on existing professions which they are not expose to and the challenges and opportunities that come with those paths.

#Next generation ZA

With the high unemployment rate in South Africa, many young people lack support in establishing small businesses which can contribute to the growth of the economy. This programme is designed to upskill young entrepreneurs with basic business skills from finance to using low-end technology to optimize your business growth.

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